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Matches 301 to 400 of 2664

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301 Ralph and Grace are in 1850 census of Albion with large family - his occ. 'Inn keeper'. They are in 1860 census of Augusta at the Augusta House hotel. Baker, Ralph
302 They are in 1870 census of Albion occ. 'tin peddler'. Baker, Ralph Leander
303 Randall had three wives. Baker, Randall Willard
304 Ruel is in 1850 census of Albion with children John, Charles and Walter and 1860 census of Augusta, ME. at the Augusta House hotel as 'porter' with his brother Harrison 'landlord'. Son Charles is with him. Baker, Reuel
305 Living with Roscoe and Martha in 1870 census of Albion is Eunice age 76 (grandmother). They are in 1880 census of Albion with sons Herbert and William G. Baker, Roscoe G.
306 He is probably the Rufus Baker born c 1815 ME in 1850 census of Saybrook CT 'physician'. Baker, Rufus
307 Revolutionary War Veteran. Samuel is 85 and in the home of Ralph Baker in 1841 Census of Pensioners for the Revolutionary Services. Baker, Samuel
308 WW II Veteran. Baker, Sherwood Clair
309 They are in 1870 census of Albion, ME with large family and Oliver and Nancy - Sumners' parents. Baker, Sumner C.
310 Civil War Co. K, 4th ME Infantry. Enlisted at Belfast, ME William and Lavina are in 1870 census of Belfast with daughter Mary E. A William and Lavina are in 1880 census of Belfast - his occ. 'hotel clerk'. They apparently moved to Belfast after daughter Adelaide's birth in 1840. Baker, William Stillman
311 living - details excluded. Of Orange, CA. Baker, Wilmont Elwin
312 Winslow and Mary are in 1870 census of Richmond, ME but in 1880 are in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Baker, Winslow
313 They are in 1850 census of Albion, ME - living with them are Paulina Brown age 16 and Rachel Baker age 33. Baker, Zachariah
314 Buried with Herbert Snell. Balcom, Martha Jane
315 WW I Veteran. Banks, Leonard
316 She was of Manchester, MA. Barlow, Adelaide Hastings
317 Never married. Barlow, Betsey
318 They are in 1920 census of Albion and in 1930 census of Augusta. In 1920 he is born Michigan. Barlow, Clare McKenney
319 Birth also recorded in Albion Records but was said to have moved to Albion in 1792 with parents. Barlow, Nathan
320 War of 1812 Veteran. Barlow, Thomas
321 Roy and Carrie are in 1930 census of Nashua, NH with daughters Helen age 6 and Irene age 2. Barnaby, Roy P.
322 He was of Waltham, MA at marriage. Barnes, Frederic H.
323 WW I veteran. He is in 1920 census of Albion, ME with mother Josie 'widowed' and large family. Barnes, George Bachelder
324 He is in 1880 census of Albion with Amasa Bachelder as 'nephew'. Barnes, George Elmer
325 WW I veteran - Red Cross Nurse. She is in 1920 census of Albion with mother Josie and large family. Barnes, Mary Ellen
326 Charlotte was of Attleboro, MA at marriage. Barney, Charlotte W.
327 William A. and Elizabeth are in 1880 census of Bangor, ME where he is 'speculator'. Bartlett, William A.
328 Moved to Benton in 1801. 'Died suddenly on the Penobscot River'. Barton, Amos
329 Diantha is living with brother Persia in 1860 census of Albion. Barton, Diantha
330 Lankford is residing in Benton on WW I draft reg. Barton, Lankford S.
331 WW I Veteran. Barton, Leonard D. 'Bob'
332 living - details excluded Barton, Ronald E.
333 They are living with her parents in 1900 census of Albion. Basford, Simeon F.
334 Lydia is in 1900 census of Berlin, Wisconsin born May 1828 NH but her birth is in Lovell records. Bassett, Lydia S.
335 Amasa and Mary Jane are in 1870 census of Palermo, ME with Josie A. Rider and Melvina Bradstreet. He is in 1880 census of Albion, ME with George E. Barnes 'nephew'. Batchelder, Amasa
336 living - details excluded Bates, Florice M. Emery or
337 This family moved to Waterville, Maine. Bates, Thomas
338 Charles E. and Lida M. are in 1900 census of Berwick, ME with Charles W. Groton age 37 ( prob. brother C. Worcester). Beal, Charles E.
339 She was probably born Montvillle 30 May 1803 to Jeremiah Beal an dJenney. Nancy is in 1860 census of Albion enumerated next to son Albert and family. Beal, Nancy
340 They are in Stratford, Coos, NH in 1910 census. Bean, Sumner W.
341 William and Betsey are in 1880 census of Richland, Rice, MN with children Minnie S., Cora B., Mark L. and Anna M. First went to Waushara Co., Wisconsin. Beard, William W.
342 living - details excluded Beaucage, Emile
343 He is in 1880 census of Belfast, ME 'brother' also 'blind' widowed in home of George Beckett. Beckett, Isaac Mayo
344 living - details excluded Bedig, Robert
345 living - details excluded Belden, Arthur L.
346 She is in 1850 census of Palermo with son Oliver and family. Belden, Sarah
347 She is in 1870 census of Unity with parents. Bennett, Dorcas A.
348 Ellen is in home of son Charles in 1910 census of China, ME. Bennett, Ellen Frances
349 Adopted daughter of Floyd and Beatrice Eels. Bennett, Joan Marie
350 Leo and Ethel are in 1930 census of Augusta where he is 'pressman tailor shop'. Bennett, Leo R.
351 WW I Veteran. Bennett, Rinaldo Albourne
352 He was of New Market, NH at marriage. Bennett, Robert Gordon
353 Spanish American War Veteran. He was of Bath, ME at marriage. Berry, Albert Clayton
354 They were both of Portland, ME at marriage. Berry, Clifford M.
355 He was of Stetson at marriage. Berry, Nathan C.
356 Civil War Co. B., 14 ME Regt. Discarged at New Orleans, LA 1June 1862. Died in the hospital. Besse, Albert
357 Lived with his grandparents and used the Bessey spelling. Besse, Alfred
358 He is in 1920 census of Albion living with daughter Evie Coffin and adopted daughter Helen Besse. Besse, Andrew J.
359 They lived in Laconia, NH and Florida. Besse, Arline Day
360 Much decorated WWII pilot. Besse, Belden Abbott
361 Carroll was president of Besse, Osborn and Odell, Inc. - leather manufacture. He is in 1920 census of Newton, MA. Besse, Carrol Everett
362 WW I Veteran. They are in 1930 census of Philadelphia, PA. Besse, Carroll Albert
363 Daniel is in the home of Samuel Stratton in 1860 census - apparently orphaned. Besse, Daniel W.
364 IGI has parents Erastus Shorey and Elizabeth Besse?? Besse, Edwin A.
365 War of 1812 veteran. Besse, Ephraim
366 Owned and operated a tannery in Albion and in 1890 moved it to Clinton, ME. Besse, Everett Belden
367 In 1930 census he is 'owner tannery'. Besse, Floyd Rowe
368 WW I veteran. He is in 1920 census of Albion with parents. Frank was active in many things. Besse, Frank Arnold
369 living - details excluded Besse, Frank Everett
370 Frank and Mary are in 1900 census of Clinton, ME - his occ. 'tanner sheep skins'. The tannery was built in 1890 by his father Jonathan B. Besse and was later owned and operated by Frank L. and at one time tanned 3000 skins a day. He donated the Besse Building which houses the Town Office today. Besse, Frank Leslie
371 He is in 1920 census of Albion with son Harold S. and daughter Belle M. Besse, George B.
372 She was living with her grandfather Lewis Hopkins in 1900 census of Albion. Besse, Hannah
373 Harrison and Clarissa are in 1900 and 1910 censuses of Winslow, ME. Besse, Harrison Bartlet
374 Civil War. Besse, Henry
375 Ira and second wife are in 1900 census of New York, NY his occ. 'ambulance driver' in 1910 census of Brooklyn, NY and in 1930 census of Queens, NY with 3rd wife Gertrude C. occ. 'real estate broker'. Besse, Ira F.
376 Revolutionary War Veteran. Jabez and Sarah are in 1850 census of Albion with son Jabez. Besse, Jabez
377 John E. and Joanna are in 1880 census of China, ME. John and Joanna are in 1900 census of Vassalboro, ME. It is just John and children in 1910 census of Vassalboro. Besse, John Edward
378 First child born in Wayne, Maine. Besse, Jonathan
379 Josephine is in 1880 census of Albion with parents ' works in cotton factory'. Josephine Booker is in 1920 census of Gardiner, ME and in 1930 census of Freeport, ME. Besse, Josephine S.
380 Mary E. Fall is with sons Eli O. age 21 and Sherman age 15 in 1880 census of Hallowell, ME. Besse, Mary E.
381 Not sure of which children by which wife. Besse, Pardon Tinkham
382 She is Priscilla in 1850 census. Besse, Prussia W.
383 He is with parents in 1850 census of Albion. Besse, Rufus
384 Solomon and Rhoda are in 1850 and 1860 censuses of Albion with large family. He is in 1870 census of Albion. Besse, Solomon
385 WW II Veteran awarded the Air Medal with six Oak Leaf Clusters. Served in the Air Force as a tail gunner. Besse, Voyle Abbott
386 They are in 1880 census of Thorndike, ME with his parents and children Chester age 3 and Charles age 1. Besse, Wellington R.
387 Earl and Alice are both of Brooks, ME at marriage. Earle D. Bessey and Alice L. are in 1920 census of Zanesville, Ohio occ. 'granite tombstone'. With them is son Charles age 2. Besset, Earle D.
388 Amelia F. Stinson is in 1910 census of Albion 'widowed' with Carrie E. Redmond age 30. Bessey, Amelia T.
389 He is J. Charles in 1900 census of Albion with father. Bessey, Charles C.
390 They are in 1880 census of Unity, ME with Elijah, Bertha and Prince. Bessey, Charles F.
391 living - details excluded Bessey, Charles T.
392 Edith is in 1920 census of Benton, ME 'widowed' with daughter Margaret age 12. Bessey, Edith A.
393 Elmer and Sadie are in 1920 census of Albion. Bessey, Elmer Francis
394 She is sister on Charles' WW I draft reg. Bessey, Emma Foye
395 living - details excluded Bessey, Evelyn M.
396 Everett and Nellie are in 1930 census of Somerville, MA where he is 'salesman clothing'. With them is son Carlton 'engineer radio station' and mother Helen C. Lawrence. Bessey, Everett James
397 They are in 1860 census of Albion, 1870 of Waterville and 1880 of Albion. In 1880 she is Helen M. but also seen elsewhere as Ellen. Bessey, Francis 'Frank' M.
398 He may be in 1880 census of Hampden, ME. Bessey, George
399 They are in 1850 census of Albion, ME with Sarah Bessey age 77 born MA. and Jabez age 91 born ME. (New Sandwich is Wayne, ME) He is not mentioned in mother's probate so prob. dead by 1864. Bessey, Jabez
400 He is probably in 1880 census of Inskip, Butte, CA 'miner'. Bessey, John M.

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