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401 Sarah is 'mother' living with Anddrew J. in 1880 census of Albion. Bessey, Sarah
402 WW II Veteran. Bezanson, George M.
403 Melbourne was of New Ross, Nova Scotia and Nina of Tremont, Nova Scotia at marriage. Bezanson, Melbourne Lawrence
404 living - details excluded Bickford, Merle B.
405 Merton and Pearl are in 1920 census of Albion, ME with boarders Hannah Crosby and Christiana J. Tilton. Bickmore, Merlon Lynlie
406 Wrote Albion on the Narrow Gauge. Bickmore, Ruby Crosby
407 Lester and Jennie are in 1908 census of Albion. He married twice. Info from surname website. Bicknell, Lester Hunt
408 She is living with brother John S. in 1870 census of Albion. Billings, Abigail
409 He was of Albion in marriage intention. In 1880 he is 'retired woolen manufacturer'. Billings, Abijah Morse
410 Civil War Co. G, 24th ME Infantry. Billings, Amos Judson
411 Daniel H. and Ellen are in 1850 census of China, ME his occ. 'shoemaker'. A Daniel Billings age 38 Maine is in 1860 census of Santa Cruz, California 'shoemaker'. Billings, Daniel Harlow
412 James and Ann are in 1860 census of Unity where he is 'shoemaker'. They are in 1880 census of Jackson, Michigan where his is 'foreman shoe manufacturing'. Billings, James Allen
413 John and Mary are in 1850 census - both born NH with daughter Abigail. His occ. 'carpenter'. Billings, John
414 John and Rebecca are in 1850 census of Brownville, ME. John S. and Adelinesp? are in 1860 census of Albion with children Harriet, Eliza and Charles, sister Abigail age 42 and father John age 76. Living with John and Eveline in 1870 census is Abigail Billings age 52 (probably aunt). John and Eliza are in 1880 census. Billings, John 'Sullivan'
415 He was John P. of Indian Creek, Sierra Co, California in marriage to Marcia Flagg. Billings, John P.
416 Rebecca is 68 in home of son Daniel and family in 1850 census of Albion. Billings, Rebecca
417 Civil War Veteran. Thomas and Belle are in 1880 census of Brownville, ME. Billings, Thomas Waldo
418 Abram and Olive are in 1860 census of Waupaca, Waupaca Co, Wisconsin with son Charles age 18. Billington, Abram
419 Carrie and second husband Herbert Davidson are in 1900 census of Augusta with stepson William Keay born June 1873. Billington, Caroline 'Carrie' A.
420 At marriage she is Jane Lancaster - she was apparently married first to James Lancaster. Billington, Jane B.
421 WW I Veteran. Bjorkman, Gustav Oscar
422 Havilla is with her parents in Strong, ME in 1930 census. Bjorkman, Havilla F.
423 Abigail is in 1850 census of Albion with Timothy, George, Charles and Isabel. Black, Abigail Blake or
424 A Mrs. Clara A. Kidder mar. 4 Mar 1864 Oren Rowe, Waldo, ME. Black, Clarissa 'Clara' A.
425 Eugene and Ada A. are in 1900 census of Providence, RI - his occ 'superintendent of life insurance' with 'sister in law' Ella E. Pray and 'nephew' Henry A. Pray. In 1920 census of East Providence is is 'life insurance agent'. Eugene was probably born 31 Aug 1851 Somersworth, NH to Uriah Blaisdell and Rebecca Goodrich Moore. Blaisdell, Eugene L.
426 living - details excluded Blake, Marian Cheney
427 She is most likely Ann Matilda with parents Daniel H. And Mary Ann Blake in 1860 census of Stockton, Waldo, ME. Blake, Matilda A.
428 He is living with parents in 1880 census of Buxton, ME occ. 'press man'. In 1900 census of Albion they are living with children Clarence M., Everett R.and Sadie E. Blake, Roscoe H.
429 She is in 1850 census of Albion - no husband. Blanchard, Christiana
430 Frederick is a retail grocer in Lisbon with wife Alice J. in 1880 census. They are then in 1910 census of Escondido, Sandiego, CA where he is 'blacksmith, wagon'. Blethen, Frederick
431 Worked for Knitting Co. Blood, William A.
432 Amelia Farrish is 'widowed' in 1880 census of Rockland, ME with son Henry ag 21. Boggs, Amelia H.
433 living - details excluded Bolduc, Reginald G.
434 She was of Waterville and he of St. Albans, ME at marriage. On WW I draft reg. he is 'conductor'. Bonney, Edwin A.
435 Osborn and Josephine in 1900 census of Lisbon, ME his occ. 'carpenter'. Booker, Osborn 'Ausborn'
436  Boyd, Helen Lucille
437 Frank and Lydia are in 1910 census of Montville, ME with children Hazel G., Harold G., Helen C., Alfreda K. and Florence. Boynton, Frank G.
438 (not sure of parentage) Brackett, Daniel
439 Went from Falmouth to Fairfax (now Albion) in 1798 to settle a hundred- acre parcel he was entitled to as a Revolutionary War veteran. He was part of the White Indian Band that went after deputies that were sent to serve quit claim papers on them. He was forced to flee to upstate New York where he was an itinerant shoemaker. (From article in August 2008 Downeast Magazine.) Brackett, Daniel
440 James and Deborah are in 1860 census of China, ME. They emigrated to Winconsin in 1863 with children Myron, Mary and Herbert I. They are in 1870 census of Little Falls, Wisconsin where she is Deborah R.? With them is Herbert J. age 10. They are in 1880 census of Little Falls, Monroe, Winsonson where he is 'merchant'. Brackett, James Harvey
441 They are in 1870 census of Freedom, ME with no children. Bradstreet, Arli B.
442 WW II Veteran. Bradstreet, Donald Drake
443 WW II Veteran. Donald was, for a a time, Albion postmaster. Bradstreet, Donald Seth
444 Not with parents in 1850. Bradstreet, Edwin
445 Eunice is in 1920 census of Boston, MA and 1930 census of Somerville as 'hospital employee'. Also stone in Cem. #4? Bradstreet, Eunice M.
446 Fred is in 1880 census of Freedom, ME with mother Eunice and nephew Fred C. Cook age 12. Bradstreet, Fred K.
447 In 1930 census she is school teacher in Arlington, MA. Bradstreet, Gertrude 'Gertie' Blanch
448 Hannah age 67 in 1850 census of Albion with Blinn D. age 38 and others. ( In Winslow Vital Records she is Mrs. Hannah Bradstreet?) Bradstreet, Hannah
449 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
450 Jesse and Irena S. are in 1880 census of Palermo with 5 children. Bradstreet, Jesse C.
451 Revolutionary War veteran. "He married first Judith Hale daughter of Ebenezer Hale Feb. 14, 1771 and with his wife and several small children settled along the Sheepscot River and lakes in the year 1786 and took up a farm in the wilderness, Lot. No. 103 containing 300 acres or more". From Bradstreet manuscript at Maine State Library. Bradstreet, John
452 Moved to Bridgewater, ME where they are in 1870 census. Bradstreet, Josiah
453 Lizzie M. is 'sister in law' in home of Bradstreet Fuller and Amanda J. in 1880 census of Albion. She is probably the Mary E. in earlier census of 1860. She is Mary E. at marriage. Bradstreet, Mary E. 'Lizzie M'.
454 Probably Lizzie (Mary Ellizabeth) in home of Bradstreet Fuller in 1880 census of Albion. Bradstreet, Mary E.
455 Nathaniel and second wife Lucy in 1870 census of Albion with her children Ella V, Elmer E. and Georgia E. Nathaniel is in 1880 census of Albion with daughter Mary J. Batchelder and her husband Amasa - also in household is 'stepdaughter' Josia A. Rider. Bradstreet, Nathaniel
456 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
457 He is in 1850 census of Palermo with no wife and many children. Bradstreet, Robert F.
458 Samuel is in 1870 census of Albion with Caroline Bradstreet age 25 wife? Bradstreet, Samuel H.
459 Alonzo and Lovina were both of The Forks, ME at marriage. Bragg, Alonzo S.
460 Blanche is in 1910 census of Winslow with parents and daughter Myrtle May age 1. Bragg, Blanche E.
461 She is with father in 1880 census of Albion. Bragg, Emily Webb
462 She is Cina P. Meader in 1920 census of Albion with sons Floyd, Bert and Russell Perkins. Bragg, Francina 'Cina'
463 George and Christina are in 1850 census of China, ME with children Addison, Clarisa, Almeda, Cora Jane, and Letty Augusta. Bragg, George Addison
464 Children born Dixmont, ME. They are in Hampden, ME in 1880 census with Andrew J., Hiram and Ida M. Bragg, Hiram
465 Oscar and Katie are in 1920 census of Albion, ME with mother Francis Bragg age 68. Bragg, Oscar B.
466 Civil War Co. F, 7th ME Infantry. He was of Carmel at marriage to Julia. Bragg, Oscar D.
467 Roxanna and children Fred E., Mary C., Etta C., Frank A. and Liller M. are in 1880 census of Castle Hill, Aroostook, ME. Birthdate in 1900 is Dec 1819 but 1831 is more likely. Bragg, Roxanna J.
468 Said to have lived to age 105. Branchbow, Nancy Brancheau or
469 Berlin is in 1850 census of Dover, ME Brann, Berlin
470 She is with parents in 1880 census of Albion 'works in woolen factory'. Brann, Ellen 'Nellie' F.
471 They are in 1930 census of China, ME. Brann, Eugene George
472 George A. and Cynthia are in 1870 census of Garland, ME. Brann, George A.
473 living - details excluded Brann, Leon F.
474 Civil War, Co. E. 16th ME Infantry. He enlisted from Vassalboro. Mustered out at Arlington Heights, VA. In 1880 census he is 'farmer & machinist'. Brann, Robert C.
475 Name also seen Simeon. Brann, Simon Bran or
476 2 children of Edward and Elizabeth are buried in North Vassalboro Village Cemetery. Breck, Edward
477 WW II Veteran. Brickett, Edward
478 She was of Winthrop, ME at marriage. Brigham, Eugenie Libby or
479 They are in 1930 census of Unity. Brillard, Roland G.
480 Name also seen Shinery. Chenery and Lavinia are in 1850 census of Unity with sons Gustavus age 18 and Augustus age 14. Chenery and Charlotte are in 1870 census of Troy, ME. Broad, Chenery
481 An Elisha Broad and Sarah in 1850 census of Brewer, ME occ. 'blacksmith' then they are in 1860 census of Anthony, Hennepin, Minnesota occ. 'edge tool manufacturer'. History of Hennepin states he started an edged tool factory in 1855 in St. Anthony at St. Anthony Falls. Broad, Elisha Chandler
482 Lucinda is living with son Nathaniel and family in 1850 census of Albion. Broad, Lucinda
483 Rebecca is living with son Samuel in 1870 census of Albion. Broad, Rebecca
484 Civil War. Broad, Thadeus
485 WW II Veteran. Brockway, Fred A.
486 living - details excluded Brockway, Napoleon Peter
487 He is in 1870 census of Fairfield with first wife Phebe and 1880 census of China. Brooks, Alonzo T.
488 Civil War, 7th Light Art. Regt. Brooks, Ebenezer A.
489 He is of Fairfield at marriage. Intention is in Fairfield records as Isaac. Brooks, Isaiah
490 Mary is in 1850 census of Albion with Jonathan Ewer family age 86. Brooks, Mary
491 He is in 1870 census of Winslow, ME. In 1880 census of Winslow Samuel W. is head of household with mother Ann and brother Eben A. In 1900 census of Vassalboro Samue is 's-father' in home of Leland Alexander with Nancy J. 'm- in law' uncle John Prebble and Mary S. Robbinson 's-in-law'. Brooks, Samuel W.
492 He is not in 1880 census of Benton with rest of family. Brown, Edwin A.
493 WW I veteran. Co I Coast Guard Artillery. Brown, Everett Clifton
494 They are in 1920 census of Vassalboro. Brown, Forrest Johnstone
495 He is Francis Brawn, Jr. of Bangor in marriage records to Isabella. Civil War, Co. H, 1st ME Heavy Artillery. They are in 1860 census of Albion with son Francis age 1. They are in 1870 census of Winslow, ME where he is born NB. Name also seen Brown Brown, Francis 'Frank' B.
496 Civil War Co. H 19th ME Infantry 1st ME Heavy Artillery. Francis and Angeline are in 1860 census of Albion where he is 'shoe maker'. Brown, Francis R.
497 They are in 1920 census of Albion where he is 'section hand railroad'. Brown, Frank H.
498 living - details excluded Brown, Harland
499 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
500 Surname also see Lovejoy? Brown, Herman E.

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