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201 living - details excluded Living
202 living - details excluded Living
203 living - details excluded Living
204 living - details excluded Living
205 living - details excluded Living
206 living - details excluded Living
207 living - details excluded Living
208 living - details excluded Living
209 living - details excluded Living
210 living - details excluded Living
211 living - details excluded Lorraine
212 living - details excluded Meuse
213 Rhoda is head of household in 1860 census of Albion with Lois age 23 Lyman age 16 and Erastus H. age 13. Rhoda
214 living - details excluded Roberta
215 She is probably the Ruby B. Stinson age 61 born ME in 1880 census of Albion. Ruby B.
216 living - details excluded Scannon
217 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
218 living - details excluded Tammy L.
219 living - details excluded Wright
220 Possibly born Germany. Her maiden name from son John Abisha and Samuel B.'s death certificates. (Lighthardt?), Teresa E. Slater
221 She was the former wife of Benjamin Smith. (Mrs.), Rhoda Abbott Smith
222 She is Adelaide L. in 1880 census of Benton and Louisa A. in 1900 census of Benton. Abbott, Adalaide 'Louisa'
223 He is probably in 1870 census of Woodstock, ME with wife Susan. Abbott, Alpheus E.
224 Andrew is in 1870 census of Berwick, ME Abbott, Andrew
225 Ann apparently married a Guptill and is living with her parents in 1850 census of Albion with daughter Sylvina H. Guptill age 7. Abbott, Ann Mariah
226 They came to Albion around 1825. He is a blacksmith in 1850 census. Abbott, Benjamin
227 Occ. in 1870 'blacksmith'. For 41 years he was the Blacksmith until he became the Postmaster in 1914. Abbott, Benjamin Franklin
228 Practiced medicine in Albion from 1881-1893 then moved to Waterville. Mayor of Waterville in 1898 Abbott, Carroll Waite
229 Charles and Cordelia are in 1900 census of Albion occ. 'blacksmith' with son Voyle E. and daughter Charline. Abbott, Charles Warren
230 Elbridge and Ellen are in 1870 census of N. Vassalboro, ME occ. 'in shovel handle shop'. Abbott, Elbridge Frank
231 Elbridge, Mary B. and Elbridge are in Benton in 1860 census. Abbott, Elbridge G.
232 She is living with parents in 1850 census of Albion. Abbott, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' F.
233 Ella is with family in 1870 census 'works in cotton mill'. Abbott, Ella M.
234 Can't read name well. Abbott, Emma ?
235 Fred and Blanche are in 1900 census of Albion, ME. He may have married 2nd Bertha Flagg. Abbott, Fred W.
236 They are in 1870 census of Albion ,ME with daughter Ellen age 5. Abbott, Gustavus L.
237 Bowdoin College, class or 1908. Doctor. Abbott, Henry Wilson
238 John is in 1850 census of Albion with Sarah A. age 45 Martha A. age 15 William Eaton age 15, Job Handy age 57 and Mary Gage age 5. Abbott, John
239 John, Sarah, Adelaide L., Jonathan E. and Elmira P. are in 1870 census of Benton, ME occ. 'carriage repairer'. John, Sarah and Jonathan are in 1880 census of Benton, ME. Abbott, John L.
240 He is in 1870 census of Benton with parents occ. 'carriage repairer'. Abbott, Jonathan E.
241 Married first a Morrill. Abbott, Julia A.
242 WW II draft reg. is in Middlesex Co., MA. Abbott, Leon David
243 WW I Veteran. WW I draft reg in in Waltham, Middlsex, MA. Lewis and Myrtle are in 1930 census of Waterville with Howard E. and Ella E. Bragg grandparents. Abbott, Lewis E.
244 WW I Veteran. Abbott, Linwood 'Francis L.'
245 Colby College graduate, class of 1908. Abbott, Mary Charlotte
246 Civil War veteran - California Infantry in Pension Index. (Find him in Pension Index but not where he enlisted?) Otis F. is in 1870 census of Albion with Lizzie age 35. Abbott, Otis Fall
247 She is Sarah Wentworth age 33 in home of parents in 1860 census of Albion, ME Abbott, Sarah Fall
248 They are in 1880 census of Berwick, ME in home of Samuel Tibbetts and Ida. Abbott, Stephen W.
249 Civil War Co. A, 4th ME Infantry - enlisted from Freedom, ME. He is in 1850 census of Freedom and 1860 census of Freedom with Zimri Fuller and family. Abbott, Timothy W.
250 She is a teacher in 1870 census of Albion. Abbott, Ulrissa I.
251 WW I veteran. Voyle and Katherine are in 1930 census of Miami, Dade, FL occ. 'supt. motor line' Abbott, Voyle Eben
252 They were both of Freedom, ME at marriage. Allen, Jacob Edgar
253 Probate 2 Oct 1864 Albion, ME. Allen, Sarah 'Sally'
254 Charles and Eleanor are in 1940 census of Waterville. Alley, Charles Ernest
255 He is with parents in 1900 census of Smyrma, ME. They are in 1930 census of Clinton, ME. Ames, Melbourne Edward
256 He was of Matinicus, ME at marriage. Ames, Orrin W.
257 Weston was of Matinicus at marriage. He was a fisherman, she a teacher. They are living on Matinicus, ME in 1930 and 1940 censuses. Ames, Weston L.eroy
258  Anderson, Oscar R.
259 Orlando is in 1880 census of Albion - widowed with father Marshall widowed also. Andrews, Orlando V.
260 They are in 1910 census of Albion and 1930 census of Bethel, ME. Applebee, Frank E.
261 WW II Veteran. He is living with Elmer R. and Lena M. Goodale in 1930 census of Albion. Arno, Edward E.
262 They are in 1900 census of Freedom, ME with son Elmer T. William and Emma J. are in 1910 census of Freedom. Arno, William E.
263 Elizabeth had first married a Pierce. Arnold, Elizabeth W.
264 Civil War, Co. E, 16th and 20th ME infantry. Arnold, Isaac
265 living - details excluded Asbury, Joan
266 Civil War Co. I, 8th ME Infantry. They are in 1900 census of China, ME Austin, James
267 On 1860 census he is on town farm with wife and children. Austin, John
268 They are in 1860 census of Albion, ME with son Eddy age 1. Probably the Warren in Civil War Co., B, 14th ME who enlisted from Unity and died 16 Aug 1862. Austin, Warren
269 WW I Veteran. Avalon, Benjamin William
270 Daniel and Emily are in 1850 census of Vassalboro, ME where he is'tanner'. Ayer, Daniel
271 They are in 1910 census of Vassalboro, ME and 1920 census of Berlin, NH. Eva in in 1930 census of Norwalk, CT and Elton is in Essex, NJ for WW II draft registration. Ayer, Elton Boynton
272 They are in 1870 census of Bangor where his is 'lumber dealer'. Ayer, Nathan Chase
273 George and Eleanor were both of Wytopitlock, ME at marriage and are in 1930 census of Albion, ME. Babkirk, George Arthur
274 living - details excluded Bachelor, Madeleine C.
275 She is in 1910 census of Unity, ME with parents - widowed. Bacon, Edith L.
276 Called Captain. Badger, Samuel
277 WW II Veteran. Bagley, Clifton Arthur
278 living - details excluded Bagley, Edward Forrest
279 WW II Veteran. Bagley, Ronald Irvin
280 Army Veteran. Bagley, Thomas E.
281 living - details excluded Bagley, Winton A.
282 Harris and wife Jane K. are probably in 1880 census of Bangor, ME 2 children born Canada. Bailey, Harris
283 John and Mahala are in 1860 census of Bradford, ME with Bradford B. Southards age 11. Bailey, John
284 MIddle name probably Waite. John W. and second wife Martha in 1860 census of Bradford, ME with daughter Betsey Arnold and husband Isaac. Bailey, John W.
285 Samuel and Almira are in 1850 census of Palermo with chldren Elmira A. , Willey J, and Mary A.. Bailey, Samuel S.
286 Thaddeus Bailey and Mary are in 1850 census of Albion with Josiah Robinson age 14 and Charles age 11. Bailey, Thaddeus
287 William and Mary are in 1880 census of Bradford, ME - some children born in Milford, ME. Bailey, William D.
288 Charles and Rosa in 1900 census of Alibon, ME with mother Clara L. Baker born Nov 1848 'widowed' her occ. 'nurse'. Baker, Charles Nathan
289 He is in family of sister Nettie and husband George Brann. Baker, Charles S.
290 Resided N. Easton, MA? Baker, Clara Emma
291 Probably also in Civil War. Baker, Edward
292 At marriage, Harrison was of Bangor, ME. Harrison and Sarah are in 1860 census of Augusta - his occ. 'landlord' at the Augusta House. Baker, Harrison
293 Hartwell and Susan are in 1880 census of China, ME. Baker, Hartwell Talbot
294 They are in 1850 census of Albion with large family including Eunice Rich age 85 (mother in law). Baker, Henry
295 In 1910 census with George and Nettie Brann Family. Baker, Horace B.
296 He is living with Delbert S. Spaulding and wife Ann in 1880 census of Albion. Baker, John
297 Could be in 1850 census of Brunswick, ME. Baker, Marshall
298 Cemetery stone also in Gould Cemetery, Freedom, ME. Baker, Mary Ann
299 He is with brother Ralph in 1870 'works in tannery'. Baker, Nathan Webb
300 In 1850 census they have living with them Lydia Chalmers age 75. Oliver and Nancy are in 1870 census of Albion, ME with Sumner C. Baker and family. War of 1812 veteran. Baker, Oliver

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