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2601 At least one living individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living
2602 They are in 1920 census of Benton, ME and 1930 census of Fairfield, ME. Witham, Bert L.
2603 Beulah is in 1930 census of Boston, MA as 'niece' with Bertha B. Hanson. Witham, Beulah M.
2604 Lived in Washington, ME. Witham, Clement
2605 living - details excluded Witham, Dorice Louise
2606 WW II Veteran. Witham, George Arthur
2607 WW I veteran. They are in 1930 census of Albion with 5 children. Witham, George Ira
2608 WW I veteran. Witham, Herbert Earl
2609 WW I veteran. On draft registration he is 'Dr.' and a resident of Baltimore, Maryland. They were both of Fairfield at marriage. They are in 1930 census of Fairfield, ME his occ. 'dentist'. Witham, Howard Chester
2610 Civil War Co. B, 19th ME Infantry. Enlisted Benton? John Witham 2nd and Marcia are in 1870 census of Canaan, ME. John and Marcia are in 1880 census of Benton, ME with John and Willie. Witham, John
2611 living - details excluded Witham, John Thomas
2612 living - details excluded Witham, Pearl C.
2613 He is in 1920 census of Albion with parents. Witham, Ralph Arthur
2614 Revolutionary War veteran - recieved a pension in 1818 for service as sergeant, ensign and lieutenant in the Massachusetts militia. Witherell, Obadiah
2615 Civil War veteran Co. F, 3rd ME infantry - wounded at Chantilly, VA 1 Sept 1862, received disability discharge 6 Feb 1863. Wixson, Atwell Marshall
2616 Elias was of Augusta at marriage. Elias Wixon and Catherine are living in Albion in 1860 with children, and Rhoda Webber born 1782 and Peggy Foss born 1784. Elias Wixson is in 1870 census of Augusta, ME with wife Anna, children and Rhoda E. Webber age 87 born Maine 'past labor'. Elias Wixon is in 1900 census of China, ME occ. 'clergyman' with wife Rebecca W. Wixson, Elias
2617 Marriage record has Ella Wilson but must be Wixson? Wixson, Ella Mabel
2618 Frank and Hazel are in 1930 census of Waterville with Joel Wixson. Wixson, Frank Summer
2619 John and Helen are in 1930 census of Brooklyn, NY where he is 'salesman food stuffs'. WW II draft reg. he is of Bergen, NJ. Wixson, John Baker
2620 Name also spelled Wixon and Wickson. Wixson, Shubael
2621 They are in 1930 census of Farmington, ME. Wolcott, Alton L.
2622 WW II Veteran. Wolcott, Carroll W.
2623 Civil War. They are in 1880 census of Albion, ME. Newell is living with son Frank and family in 1920 census of Albion. Wolcott, Newell Nason
2624 She is probably Abby F. Wood mar. 28 Apr 1849 NH. Wood, Abby Frances
2625 They are in 1920 census of New Britain, CT where he is 'carpenter steel mill'. Wood, Elmer B.
2626 She was divorced from Moses. Wood, Florence 'Flora' E.
2627 Gustavus and Louisa are in 1900 census of Albion, ME. Wood, Gustavus Boardman
2628 Probably married second C. H. Lewis 13 Jul 1874 Clinton. Wood, Lydia J.
2629 Seward and Theresa were both of Hartford, ME at marriage. Wood, Seward A.
2630 George and Alvira are in 1880 census of Albion. Woodes, George
2631 Hepsebeth is in 1910 census of Bremer, Meagher, Montana as 'mother in law' in home of daughter Eliza M. Crosby and husband George W. Crosby. - they have a son Spencer Crosby ! Woods, Hepsebeth B.
2632 Called Deacon. Woodsom, Daniel
2633 They lived in Vassalboro then Dixmont and later returned to Vassalboro. Woodsum, David Akexander
2634 Also stone in Barton-Hinds Cem., Benton. Woodsum, Ebenezer
2635 Said to have died from injuries received in the mines. Woodsum, Ebenezer
2636 He went to Boston. Jonas and Dora are in 1880 census of Boston with wife Dora and large family - he is 'provision dealer'. Woodsum, Jonas Hamilton
2637 A Nancy Hutchinson age 81 born ME is in 1920 census of Monterey, CA. Woodsum, Nancy
2638 Clara died while visiting her daughter in Minneapolis. Woodward, Clara S.
2639 Abel and Mary N. are in 1880 census of Unity, ME with children Leroy B., Isaac E. and Bessie M. Works, Abel
2640 Marriage also recorded in Clinton 29 May 1803 where they are of Sandy Stream Settlement. Works, Abel
2641 George is with father Joel in 1870 census of Albion. Works, George
2642 Joel and Harriet are in 1850 census of Albion with children George, Abel and Abel Works age 71. Joel is in 1880 census of Albion in home of George Works and family. Works, Joel
2643 living - details excluded Worman, Lillian
2644 Civil War Co. H, 19th ME Regt. Died in the service. Worthing, Eugene
2645 They are living with his parents in 1910 census of Palermo, ME. Worthing, Forest Merton
2646 Cem date must be wrong. Worthing, Julia F.
2647 Buried under Worthing name? Worthing, Marion Estelle
2648 Civil War, Co. H, 19th ME Infantry. Received disability discharge 10 July 1863. Olney and Belle are in 1880 census of Albion with son Eugene A. age 8 Worthing, Olney
2649 Thomas was of Palermo, ME. Thomas and Emily are in 1880 census of Albion, ME with Worthen spelling and daughters Lydia and Ellen. Worthing, Thomas H. Worthen or
2650 WW II Veteran. Yeaton, Harry N.
2651 He was of Knox and she of Brooks at marriage. Yeaton, Mertland 'William'
2652 William and Jane Yates with large family are in Islesboro, ME in 1860 census. Also in 1870 census of Islesboro. Yeats, William Solomon
2653 Mother married second George Norton. York, Blanche Irene
2654 Edwin is in 1880 census of Albion as 'son in law' in home of Josiah Fuller. Edwin and Mary are in1900 census of Albion with Simon B. Fuller 'brother in law'. York, Edwin
2655 Jefferson is with mother Rosanne and stepfather Joseph M. Quimby in 1880 census of Winslow, ME. Jefferson is alone in 1930 census of Unity, ME. York, Jefferson D.
2656 She first married Clifton Gregory. Young, Abigail
2657 Bert and Grace are with her parents in 1910 census of Oakland, ME and 1920 census of Gorham, NH with daughters Lindsay, Beatrice and his brother George. Young, Albert 'Bert' F.
2658 Enoch are Eunice are in 1920 census of Garfield, ME with large family. Young, Enoch Borden
2659 They are in 1900 census of Albion and probably in 1910 census of Brewer, ME with daughter Bernice age 5. Young, George A.
2660 living - details excluded Young, Isabelle Turner
2661 living - details excluded Young, Phyllis A.
2662 Stephen and Kezia are in 1860 census of Toulon, Stark, Illinois with the Maxfields and 1870 census of Toulon where he is 'laborer' and she is 'weaver'. Young, Stephen
2663 WW II Veteran. Young, Warren S.
2664 She was of Jackson at marriage. Zwicker, Irene G.

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